Betty Boop Boards

Back in “pre-cyberspace” days, M.G.M. wanted to do a Betty Boop movie. It was to be directed by Steve Moore, and produced by Jerry Reese and Steve Lieva. I was one of a small crew of storyboard artists. Even though we had about 90% of the Boards done, the movie never went in to production, due to legal disagreements between the three entities that owned various rights to Betty Boop. Though the movie was never made, I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this crew, as it was a fantastic group of multi-talented people. Drawing the old Fleischer characters was tons o’ fun, and the newly added character designs, particularly Betty’s father, Benny, were such a joy to work with!

The sequence below is part of the title sequence, where we see Betty grow up. Through a series of cross-dissolved moments in the first part of this sequence we see Betty performing on stage with her Dad, first as a baby, then as a ten-year-old. In this last part of the sequence we see her perform the same song she was singing as a little kid, but when the curtain parts she is CLEARLY NOT a little kid any more, and Daddy Boop is concerned, to say the least.

Click on a panel to enlarge the image and access carousel mode.

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