Character Development- Angry Rabbit

This character was done for yet another version of the Curious George movie that eventually was discarded. He was one of a group of animals that George lets loose from a pet shop, and who later help George save the day in the end. These animals never got to a point where they were given names. (the others were a pot-belly pig, a chinchilla, and a python). So, we referred to him as the “Angry Rabbit”.

Since it was decided by June Faulkenstein (the Director of this early version of the movie) that he should be a lop-eared rabbit, I devised various ways that his ears could aggravate him, (flopping down over his face in the middle of one of his angry rants), and several ways he could resolve the problem, (tying them in to turban, as shown in one of the drawings here). This is another excellent character design that was kept simple and was a lot of FUN to work with, that eventually was cut from the final story. I understand why; the story was getting too complex. There were just too many characters and we were getting too far away from the main characters, which were George and the Man in the Yellow Hat. But we could have made several more movies with what was discarded in the process of making this one.

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